How many Pokemon can you catch in a day?

When you are talking about the POKEMON GO game, then it is obvious that you are actually a diehard fan of the game. Currently, the Pokémon go game is hitting the top list of the video games. There are several new features and a new trend together has made the game very interesting. The increasing craze of this game has crossed all age barriers. Once you start to play the game, it is impossible to ignore the beauty of the game. The game is about the capturing of the Pokémon use pokemon go hack to do this.


A huge number of players have already tried this game, and the number is increasing every day. Actually, it is difficult to avoid the essence of the attraction of the game.

Now the major question is how many Pokemon you can catch in a day.

Pokemons that you can capture in a day:

Difficult to fix a number:  It is difficult to give a fixed number of the captured Pokemon in a day. It depends on your efficiency that how many Pokemon you can capture in a day. If you are a newcomer, then it is obvious that you can capture less Pokemon than the experienced player. As a new player, you need to understand the rules and the tricks to play the game. Even you should be aware of the variety of tips that can affect the ultimate consequence of the game.

On the other hand, if you are an expert in video games and can discover all the tricks of the game, then it must be easy for you to play the game easily even you can increase the number of the Pokemon that you can catch on a regular basis.

Find a Pokemon first:  The first and the most important thing that you need to see is that to catch a Pokemon you have to find out one. There are several ways that you can apply to catch a Pokemon. You can apply your own intellect to capture a Pokemon, or you can use a third party app to capture a Pokemon. But the fact you can apply any one of the ways or both the ways to capture a Pokemon and can increase the number of the capturing Pokemon.

Ability and effort can fix the number:  Now the fact is, currently there are 151 Pokemon available in the POKEMON GO game. And honestly, it is quite impossible to capture or catch all the 151 Pokemon. More clearly, it can be said it is also difficult to catch a good number of Pokemon in a day. Some people say that can catch barely 10 or 12 or 14 Pokemon in a day. But the truth you have to give your own effort, and you have to use your own ability to catch the Pokemon.

Apply basic tricks:  As already mentioned that you can use your own intellect or can use the third party app to catch Pokemon, but you need to remember one key fact that you also have to use some basic tricks to play the game.

Use PokeBalls:  The key mechanism to catch the Pokemon is to use the PokeBalls rightly. You can whip out the PokeBalls at the Pokemon to catch them easily. If you correctly hit the Pokemon with the ball, then the ball will open and catch the Pokemon inside it.

So, all the above-discussed factors clearly point out that your true effort and efficiency can fix the number of Pokemon you can catch in a day.

How do the cars of the future

Dozens of hot rods over a thousand horsepower electric cars everywhere, automotive pockets of a man with decent pay and spare millions of euro are the coordinates of the 86th edition of the Geneva Motor Show. The public shall have 11 days to admire all the famous flower of the car starting tomorrow, March 3, including 58 world premieres. The organizers expect the exhibition is visited by over 700,000 people, in addition to the approximately 10,000 journalists Aredia the event.


Opel Astra has already won crema taking home the title of Car of the Year. Among the machines that can make sales volumes and that can be admired by the public at Geneva include: the tenth generation of the compact Honda Civic – which marks the end use aspirated engines by Japanese company; Competition Korean Prius, Hyundai Ioniq proposing three types of ProPlus; a facelift model Peugeot 2008; a small urban crossover from Audi as the Q2, and a new A3. Alfa Romeo presents a facelift version of the Giulietta model. Citroën Aircross comes with a – an upgrade to Cactus, who wants to fight with Arun Kadjar or Tiguan. Renault Scenic IV presents a new face for a compact MPV; a variant of the Megane Estate and a facelift for the success of Capture. Special Division of the Citroen DS3 brings a facelift at present and 1.2-liter turbo engine and 130 horsepower. VW brings new mass segment SUV Seat, named Ateca, a kind of clone of Tiguan and Skoda Vision S, another side platform for compact SUVs from false concern in Germany. After the success of public XC90 – the great defeated the car of the year – bring in Chinese from Volvo S and V90 limelight. Toyota, the world’s auto market after the scandal Dieselgate, gives, inter alia, C-HR, the reincarnation of the first generation RAV4, the dimensions slightly lower.

Dazzling luxury is omnipresent in Geneva. The new Maserati Levante SUV first in the history of the brand, presents itself as a rival to the Porsche Cayenne he said. All he needs is the engine of 560 horsepower. BMW xDrive M760Li show, powered by a 6.6 liter V12 M Performance of generating 600 horsepower. Maximum speed is 305 km / h and 3.9 seconds to sprint percent. Raises Bentley Mulsanne limousine with a facelift for that now reaches 5.8 meters in length. Among other wacky, English-German offers customers 24 shades of leather upholstery, 13 types of wood and a 2200 watt sound system. Mulsanne’s power, the Speed ​​version is 530 horsepower.


Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard is the first passenger car that can be ordered in armored VR10 and provides a level of ballistic protection. Polycarbonate windows and bodywork are designed to resist an armed attack with gunfire. Mercedes claims that passengers are protected as well if we are dealing with an explosion or underbody side. Blindatul market price in Germany is 470,000 euros.

Web Technology

I recently worked on a project and an application that had a fairly significant component of web technology. In fact today is hard to resist the urge to solve client-server other than through a web-based application.


Simplicity in use, przimarily customer does not need nothing but a browser is a tremendous advantage over any other technology which would imply that the client workstation to install a program to access the application.

There are many disadvantages, but if you think that you have to maintain an application on three major operating systems in use XP, which does not really allow shower, Windows 7 and Windows 8, plus MacOS, and one-two distributions of Linux you will enlist in the vast army of volunteer programmers, web applications, unless you have happy enough customers willing to pay this support.

It put count and that the use of personal laptop to work from home is a current situation, plus the new revolution of furniture that makes you look beyond where you can not access the application with such devices.

All technologies in this world began when communications systems were developed. I mean that GPS technology began using satellites to locate some devices and even people. This is called Track Phone and serves to locate devices with SIM cards even using a telephone number but this topic we will discuss later.

We first high level languages, the compiler. Java has fans bitter and fierce critic anyway offer jobs in the field seems constant, although the overall impression would seem to stall. I had the opportunity to analyze commercial software written in Java and I realized that this language is often preferred because of the rapidity of writing code and more dubious. In addition, Java has a history full of incompatibilities between versions and security issues, probably inevitable as long as its development has coincided with the development of the Internet.

Microsoft released several years now own web programming language, promoting technology under the name. Although initially it seemed a great opportunity to write a good web language rennet because it came at a time of relative maturity of web technology largely repeated the mistakes of Java technology, and complicated in many incompatible versions and patches. Perhaps Microsoft was the only company that could support the new technology of the era chance of success; Linux on the desktop at the time was a story, Apple was still recoil and mobile devices had appeared, thus limiting the technology to Windows was not a major problem.

The fact is that finally their technology has not become any dominant, but neither has disappeared from the market; aided by the marketing machine tool especially for the company’s development sites, it seems pretty active and used.

Futuristic Inventions Available Now

Google has thrown already on the market since late last year, functional prototype of its autonomous car. California IT giant hopes to tick entry among automotive companies since 2017, at which time Google’s autonomous car should enter into series production. All these technologies work because networks. Much of these or developed due to mobile technology. I am talking about this and I mean mobile technologies because they were the first. For example application that revolutionized technology is called Track Phone and it started all the technologies you see below. I chose to talk about cars that are popular worldwide.


Mercedes was presented in “Sin City” with a revolutionary concept limousine with driver, F 015, but not on the road will make its appearance until 2030, as announced company representatives. “It’s a project I was working on in 1990 but is not yet ready for production,” said chief executive of German Dieter Zetsche.

Audi has created an independent auto pilot cars called Piloted Driving. The company will present a special A7 in the exhibition CES 2015, after it will be tested on distance San Francisco – Las Vegas, way over 880 kilometers.

Toyota let off hydrogen

Mirai model based on hydrogen produced by Japan’s Toyota, also rose on stage the event in the heart of the desert in Nevada, but not the car itself caused uproar amongst participants, but the announcement by Michio Kaku, head of the research team under this project.

Kaku Japanese manufacturer announced that 6,000 patents freely offers to supply hydrogen engine technology in an attempt to move the industry in eco area. “When good ideas are shared with cdeilalti, great things can happen,” said Bob Carter simple, Vice President, Toyota auto group.

The first generation of cars powered by hydrogen should go out on the market in the next 5 years, but Carter believes this is necessary for close collaboration among all automakers, governments, research laboratories and companies in the energy sector.

Patents that Toyota is willing to give gladly include information on: the amount of hydrogen required, tanks bottling software machine control and industrial processes handling fuel.

A fun and one eye on the road

IT company Qualcomm has made its entrance with a prototype car program with Android 5.0, which can take both voice commands passengers enabled entertainment devices in the car, but can monitor and road during the traffic, warning voice in emergency.

VW led gestures

Germans from Volkswagen have unveiled the Golf R Touch, whose hood is detachable in a single hand motion. Using a 3D camera hidden in the rearview mirror, the car several environmental functions can be activated by simply miming gestures.

Car 4G

CNet presented in Vegas 4G model. 4G LTE technology and transformation board connected allowing a car in the station Wi-Fi mobile, cloud and quick connection system including the communication between cars in traffic for issuing warning signals in case of danger.

BMW took cream

The Bavarians have pulled ashes on the cake since November, when raised a CES award 2015 for the most useful technology. True, it was developed with Samsung, but the utility is seen only when you are in possession of a BMW i.

Koreans developed smart clock now works as a remote control for electric cars of the Bavarians. You can watch the monitor checks if the machine is properly closed, you can start the air conditioner at the desired temperature or you can check the battery charge and distance / time remaining to recharge.

What is Snapchat and how it works?

The most popular mobile applications are generally those with a simple but attractive way of operating, and both have a way to communicate original or has been better implemented than in similar applications. One of these original applications is Snapchat.

If you heard her name but do not know what it is, we invited you to know what it is and how it works Snapchat. The Snapchat applications is an instant messaging program that lets you send photos and videos to one or more friends. The difference with other normal text messages have a defined duration.


When photos or videos you have sent to a person reach their limit duration, these images will be deleted from the mobile phone of the person who received automatically. Snapchat is very simple to use. You only need to take a picture or video and send them to one or more people in your Snapchat contact list. Not sure how? Read this guide that will teach you how to send messages in Snapchat.

Before sending your message, you will have the ability to add text and incluse Snapchat filters and effects to your image. Once you have ready your message to send, you can choose the duration of the same. When this time has passed, the message is deleted from the phones of those who have received.
This application is available for mobile phones with iOS or Android operating systems and can be downloaded for free from the official Snapchat site. If your phone is not a smartphone of this type, you can not install snapchat hack android. Like, for example WhatsApp, you message will be sent as data, not as multimedia text message or SMS. This means that if you have already have a data plan for your mobile device, you will not have to pay anything extra to send them. As in many other applications, you cn set the privacy you want for your Snapchat account.

If you have in your contact list Snapchat to a person with whom you communicate no longer interested, you can lock it so that you can no longer send messages. And if you change your mind, you can undo your steps and reenable this person so you can contact. If you have already had to lock or unlock people on sites like Facebook, for example, you probably will notice how useful it can become such tools to control your privacy. Another interesting oprion on Snapchat is that you can select if you want users to contact strangers or not.

With just a few simple modifications, you can change this so that only your closest friends can write. Because of the ease with which you can send photos and personal videos, there are many people who do not consider Snapchat a suitable application for their children. If yours already have mobile phones and want to start using this application, talk to them about the risks of social networking. Also check with them Snapchat Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Finally, be sure to monitor permanently but not obsessive behavior in this network.


Games like become very attractive. Its simplicity movement and dexterity in the game make you try to play it at least once, is enough to return indefinitely. It seems that began a new era of browser games. Successful games have come in order: Flappy Birds, Agar,io, and now Only the top inventions that have conquered the virtual world.

Some video games can stimulate and develop strategic thinking by various elements. From the simplest virtual games known by everyone as sudoku, chess or puzzle to legendary games that have made headlines, we can train certain skills strategy and logic. Also, in case of Wii or Kinect games, we can train even reflexes. Video games can be a good social glue.

They are fun and can be an interactive way to spend the time with friends. There are online games where we can meet new people and socialize. Video games may reduce stress because we channel more easily irritable moods and frustrations through this method. Also, video games kepp our brain active and crefully so that we do not think about all the things that bother us. Video games are everywhere, the space it ofeers is becoming more beautiful, the stories they tell are increasingly immersive and their followers alone or networked live extraordinary emotions.

unnamed (1)

Many troubling questions parents and teachers, and players past adolescence: Video games can be allies in parental favor the development of different skills or are harmful and addictive? They’re like monsters hidden behind the screen that devour children? There is an impassable border between the school and video games? It is possible to cure mental illness with them?

We do not want in any way to claim that violence in video games does not leave any trace on the players. It has effects and consequences, that’s for sure, but are they? Not always the ones we envision. Of course, there is a common effect to all those watching performances violent repeatedly, an effect called “desensitization.” That means one who witness repeated violence ends to get used to the fact that violence is normal. But this not mean that everyone is ready to move to action.

For the author, the passion for these new spaces is not a medical problem, but an educational problem. But how to understand the power of video games, without having to first recognize seduction? This book introduces us into the inner world of the player, the relationship between him and the virtual world, dismantled inner springs fascination exerted by video games. Written in plain language, the book addresses all those interested in the psychology of video games.

iPhone and Waze technology

Nearly five months after launching the new version of social navigation for iOS, Android users can also enjoy its Waze 4.0. The interface is clearer and easier to use, and event reporting is easier, relying on the menu icons larger, which can be seen from a glance, Söder without distracting from the road.


In the window navigation destination entry is easier, especially if it relates to saved addresses, such as home or office, or at the meeting point at an event saved in the Facebook app on your smartphone. Also in Waze 4.0-ui can share location or route to follow him. And between the two “buttons” from the bottom menu navigation window displaying the remaining distance to destination and ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival – the estimated time of arrival based on traffic and events on the way). Pressing this button at the center and then the green button “Send ETA”, you can let friends live what time you plan to arrive.

Waze 4.0 notifies you also, when it’s time to leave to arrive on time for a calendar event, by day, hour and traffic conditions. And Google announced that walked and optimize power consumption.

We are perhaps more accustomed to traffic partners get angry than to try to make ourselves useful to each other. What was tried by Waze app, which has been “caught” so quickly to the public was free circulation of information between drivers.

A way station to the “colleague” does not respond through jamming, and is far more explicit in details and more attention to possible problems.

What is Waze?

Waze is actually a community that reshapes the map that provides information warmer traffic, and above all, offers solutions routes detailed, not just length and geographical but also in terms of practicality road, possible bottlenecks , estimated fuel consumption, estimated arrival time, etc.

It was natural that such a community to make the most of technology Apple introduced the technology in which pressure on the display represents the third dimension of space.

Improvements, facilities

Recently, Waze app has been updated to work with three-dimensional technology introduced the iPhone 6S and 6S plus. Version 4.0 released on Sunday, is the latest of applications that align with the 3D Touch of the most famous applications that have made up three-dimensional mention Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram.

After October Waze has received a new look, a screen more accessible, more eloquent, more manageable, a menu interactive warnings to real-time traffic participants and coding alerts depending on the area each such alerts are assigning them a specific color, the application has become more interesting.

Gps No Tracker

Luggage manufacturer Gps No Tracker TUMI has proclaimed last week its collaboration with AT&T and LugTrack to launch the “TUMI world surveyor,” a wireless following device designed to supply travelers with time period knowledge relating to the situation of their bags.

If somewhere someone presses the panic button on the globe, it is mostly about life and death. That’s why it is so important that the GEOS operations center around the clock can be reached. The bunker is therefore the perfect location for GEOS. In the 80’s a well-known for his paranoia Chinese oil magnate had built as a private residence and headquarters of his oil company to surface and underground building complex.

Today, the US NSA and a number of corporations have rented in the concrete block. In the bunker below ground are long rows of servers, there are above the earth offices where people work, their job also must not be interrupted when around them goes the world.

Gps No Tracker Gps No Tracker the TUMI world surveyor may be a wireless and compact device that uses GPS, GSM, wireless fidelity and Bluetooth technology to supply specific location positioning info via a mobile application to users round the world. The device is federal agency compliant, with the aptitude to shut itself off in-flight and switch itself back on upon landing, maintaining observance with major airline regulator policies.

Phone number tracker

The hardware and proprietary technology for the device is supported by LugTrack, a brand new Jersey based mostly technology company.Gps No Tracker

The TUMI world surveyor device and mobile application ar planned for industrial unleash within the fourth quarter of 2015 and can be sold-out at TUMI assortment stores and on TUMI’s web site.Plymouth Argyle manager Derek Adams needs the league to clarify the foundations on GPS systems that ar employed by clubs to trace their players.
Argyle’s match at Wycombe was delayed by seven minutes once considerations over the devices worn by the hosts. Gps No Tracker
Wycombe were allowed to wear them, however Adams feels they’re dangerous.
“We detected that that they had this method protruding of their back. If someone goes in and heads it, then that is a dangerous little bit of instrumentation,” he said.
The devices ar positioned in within the backs of shirts and use world positioning technology to trace however so much and quick players run.
The systems ar wide employed by football groups as they track however their players ar acting, however they’re not as common in soccer.
“They (Wycombe) had provided associate email to mention that that they had clarification from the League that they were able to begin with it,” Adams told BBC Radio Devon.
At 10.46am on August twenty sixth, Hewden received a report from client Williams Southern, a specialist retail and court construction contractor, that a brand new hydraulic breaker had been purloined. Gps No Tracker

As the excavator attachment was fitted with a worldwide positioning satellite hunter, the signal was copied and also the police affected in. Gps No Tracker

On obtaining the decision from Williams Southern, Hewden contacted following company Automatrics, that radio-controlled the police to the purloined instrumentation.

“Plant felony, though fortunately on the decline, remains a serious drawback for contractors like ourselves,” same Matthew Easterbrook, senior customer at Williams Southern. “Without the following system fitted to the current Hewden Breaker, we’d have intimate a good little bit of disruption on web site, additionally to the burden of insurance claims and unwanted charges. Instead, we tend to were able to quickly retreat to to figure and leave the remainder to the police.”


Detective inspector Carlovingian Clooney from the Plant & Agricultural Intelligence Unit (PANIU) said: “When you cross-check the info, it seems that the felony of smaller things, like attachments, that ar easier to hide in vehicles ar those on the increase. within the past we’ve seen rent corporations close to tackle plant felony and that we applaud and support Hewden for taking the initiative with attachments too.” Gps No Tracker

Police ar continued their investigation into the felony, that additionally enclosed extra purloined things, together with a floor saw and varied power tools, all of that were recovered.


With this new tracking technology all of the devices will be easier to track , and will help the police also. I think this will be one of the best things ever invented.ski_tracking2

TRUTH about Dukan diet

TRUTH about Dukan diet

Like us clarify – I weakened eating fat. People I have counseled have lost weight eating fat. Many people who breathe in my work have weakened eating fat. Dukan says that if you eat fat, you can not burn its own fat. No point to comment something extra … is useless to talk about the deficit of fat-soluble vitamins, about the scarcity of minerals, the difficulty to overcome the restrictions first phase, about that lack of fat you put in Despres affects your optimal functioning endocrine … Not anymore.

And you know why … because there are some who are successful … a lot. It is ultimately a low carb system, as is the one we promote and which we perform I pozandu my daily meals. I am very curious if you really Dukan diet that devoted. I kept it. Not that I could ever compare.

So in the end, how nutrition is like a religion and each believed that he alone is right and everyone else is wrong, be you a vegan diet, a diet paleo, a low carb diet, a diet high carb diet, a diet the glycemic index, diet powder and pills, diet “personalized” according to tests food intolerance and function of DNA, a diet with cabbage, a chocolate diet, a diet Danish diet with cereals, diet ice cream, baby food diet … So … whatever diet and how it would appoint some will be successful in that system, and those will be presented as the great achievements of that diet, even not much point talk about diet.

Have you ever taken into consideration to replace cup of coffee in the morning with a glass of hot water with lemon? It is what recommends a nutritionist known overseas, Ann Louise Gittleman, author of several books on the weight loss. Hot water with lemon has many benefits for your body, among them the fact that it helps you lose weight, to stay hydrated, improves your digestion and increases your levels of vitamin C in the body.


Gittleman recommends combination of juice obtained from half a lemon with a cup of hot water. Unless you want to squeeze a lemon can use a tablespoon of lemon juice. Make sure you use organic lemon juice. You can spice drink and therefore improve your metabolism by adding a few pieces of cinnamon and ginger.


Lemons will keep well for 10 days at room temperature, so you can stock up at the market for a week. You can also store the lemon juice into cubes of ice without it losing the proprietati.Potrivit nutritionist Louise Atkinson, if you start the day with a cup of hot water with lemon, your digestive system will be stimulated. Which means that such body’s ability to absorb nutrients will be improved. Poor absorption of determinable ingredient has the effect of emphasizing hunger, even if you do not need to eat something. The lemon water cleanse your palate, throat and other organs that you meet on the way. Once arrived in the body, helps cleanse the kidneys and liver of toxins, says Gittleman. It also helps cleanse the lymphatic system, another system that eliminates toxins.
And I will tell you exactly what it is. Dukan has prescribed a drug Mediator patients in 1971. Benfluorex, if you want to call it after the active substance. Anorectic, lipid-lowering, approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMEA), 1976 to 2009 for patients with type 2 diabetes and sold in France but also in Spain, Cyprus and Portugal. The drug was approved based on studies that have shown that lower insulin resistance and improved blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes poorly controlled. It was administered to many patients and has been found as a metabolite of the drug induces fibrosis of the cardiac valves. This is why some people died (about 500-2000, depending on which study you read), but that if a drug widely prescribed by many doctors, not just Dukan.

The country with more Pyramids than Egypt.

The country with more Pyramids than Egypt.

Although more than the pyramids of Egypt, the Sudan receives very little attention. There are 250 graves and the area is one full of history, the cradle of ancient civilizations, strong and sophisticated, Nubia (between 2600 and. Hr.-200 d. AD.) Friends or enemies with the Egyptians, according to time, local people have borrowed some of their rituals, like to bury their kings and queens in the pyramid tombs, reports BBC.During Nile, Sudan, are over 250 pyramids. Few have the courage to visit because of terrorist threats.


A journey from Khartoum to Dongola, along which runs the pyramids, it’s like back in time, because everywhere glimpse artifacts 5,000 years old, writes The first attraction is the Meroe pyramids, here being the capital of the ancient kingdom in 300 BC Earlier, cities like Kerma and had Napat capitals. They were built by the Egyptians. It is close to the Nile water source, the trade route with Egypt. Unlike the pyramids of Giza, most here are noticeably smaller. In addition, find and temples where they make offerings. Their status differs from a pyramid to another, because here treasure hunters passed in 1800. Some are in perfect condition, about others you could hardly say that they are pyramids.
Although we are more than the pyramids of Egypt, the Sudan receives very little attention. There are 250 graves and the area is one full of history, being (in the 2600 period. Hr. – 200 d. AD.) Cradle of ancient civilizations, powerful and sophisticated Nubia.

Friends or enemies with the Egyptians, depending on the period, local people have loaned some of their rituals, such as to bury kings and queens in the pyramid tombs, reports BBC. Along the Nile, in Sudan, there are over 250 pyramids. A journey from Khartoum to Dongola, along which runs the pyramids, it’s like a throwback in time, that sees everywhere artifacts 5,000 years old. Egypt
It is true, however, that Sudan, which is not a tourist destination, not an easy country in which to travel. To obtain a visa you need a mountain of paperwork. But it’s a small price to see relics of another age, reports BBC. The roads are as you’d expect, the bad and the frequent stops, because there are numerous checkpoints, terrorism is a constant threat in Sudan. 100 kilometers can be crossed in a few hours. The first attraction is the Meroe pyramids, this being the ancient capital of the kingdom in 300 BC Earlier, cities like Kerma and had been Napat capital. They were built by the Egyptians. It is close to the Nile, source of water trade route with Egypt.
Unlike the pyramids of Giza, most here are noticeably smaller. In addition, find and temples where they make offerings. Their status differs from a pyramid to another, because here treasure hunters passed in 1800. Some are in perfect condition, about others you could say are only pyramids. Pyramids of Meroe lies in UNESCO in 2011, but given the area where there is one war and dominated by the economic crisis, very few tourists arrive in the area. Usually, their number does not exceed 10 people per day. Many of pyramids or temples are partially obstructed by sand, but still curious tourist can sneak in a place dedicated to the gods. Although small, they have designs on the walls that evoke scenes from the lives of those who built them, and the kings of the period.

Started largest exhibition of electronics and technology

Started largest exhibition of electronics and technology.

We find the usual appliances and smart already connected to WiFi, machines equipped with Android, the latest models of laptops, computers and televisions, the latest technology for 4K video / UltraHD, drone technology as an accessory – watches and bracelets connected. Future Faraday FFZero1 Perhaps the most spectacular concept shown at CES 2016 is FFZero1 presented as seater electric future. The project is developed by the company Faraday Future in California, funded by Chinese investors. technology

FFZero1 promises an electric motor of 1,000 horsepower CAAP to get from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds, all-glass roof and carbon fiber monocoque. In the center of the wheel is a slot for mounting smartphone, cockpit gathers real-time information about the status biometric pilot suit and helmet and are designed to provide water and oxygen to the driver. The spectacular race car concept shown at CES has little chance Monday to ever reach the production line. Presentation role is rather to draw attention to the technical platform that underpins the project, described as modular. Basically, manufacturers can produce any kind of car from this platform. From the size of the machine to facilities, everything can be changed easily. technology

Future Faraday Representatives threatens traditional auto industry that once they come on the market, will have the same effect as the iPhone’s appearance for Nokia and BlackBerry. Auto Android, CarPlay, Toyota DCM Coming back down to earth, large auto manufacturers rush to equip machines with software packages as better and more attractive, and online media with useful functions and the ability to download applications. Starting this year, Ford cars will be equipped with Android CarPlay and Auto Sync platform combined under the umbrella of March, the company announced at CES 2016. Certain models will be equipped with 4G connectivity / LTE, and AppLink platform that will service sites allows the company to directly access the onboard computer.   Electronics Technology

The company launches starting this year more applications for fleet management predominantly, but also entertainment for the driver and passengers. Chrysler Fiat will also bring CarPlay and Android Auto starting this year through a system upgrade Uconnect 8.4-inch screen. Hyundai will launch a smartphone application that will help customers familiarize themselves with the bowels of the machine, in order to perform certain maintenance themselves or learn to use more complex functions of the car. The application is presented as a kind of virtual manual. And Toyota is preparing intensively for the launch of the first Internet-connected cars. technology

The Japanese manufacturer revealed at CES draft Communications Data Modules (DCM), equipment that will be installed starting next year on company cars and will facilitate the connection 4G networks / LTE. Drive permanently connected to a data center Toyota, the company will be immediately notified automatically in case of accident and bodyshops will monitor and analyze data from the onboard computer and can deliver remotely possible updates. Anticipating democratization car that can drive itself, transforming passenger driver, Volvo and Ericsson working on a project to bring in the passenger platforms such as video-on-demand Netflix.

The dashboard of the passenger will be converted into a giant screen, where passenger, now called user will be able to watch your favorite films and series. Drone Parrot drone manufacturer introduced at CES 2016 a device that can take off and land aerial maneuvers completely automatically, without assistance from the user. Automation tools are designed to help customers within the first drone easier to become familiar with the device without risking to ruin. On the other hand, DJI has chosen to continue to focus on serving professional customers’ needs by launching a drone capable of recording 4K video at a more affordable price.

Smart home For years, companies are trying to promote the idea of ​​smart homes, with machinery and appliances connected and controlled remotely. At CES 2016 we can see that sensor measures the air quality in your home, smart cameras, a lock smart for the front door or a ceiling fan connected to the smartphone. An American company showed up and a hand shower that alerts you when you use too much water, a mat weighing you put on it, thought mainly for the kitchen, a sensitive microphone that listens electronics in the house to know if is feel good and a video surveillance system in the refrigerator, to always know what you have bought.


5 Myths about Microsoft

5 Myths about Microsoft

about Microsoft. Microsoft is one of the best known companies in the IT field and being the highest. It became famous by creating the Windows operating system, used by more than three quarters of PC users in the world. Over time it emerged, of course, many myths about this company and its founder. Many of them are related to the appearance of the first computers even. Microsoft     06_DK_Microsoft ARA 600

  1. Microsoft invented Windows

In 1968, when Bill Gates was 13 years old, Douglas Englebart, the Stanford Research Institute, to familiarize the world with the device we know today as the mouse. He is also the one who invented the GUI, or graphical user interface. In 1970, a team at Xerox Palo Alto Research Institute extended the concept and introduced Englebart created the first personal computer, the Xerox Alto. In 1979, the young 24-year-old Steve Jobs (founder of Apple) paid a million dollars in shares by Xerox to get a detailed tour of the production line. Jobs also got the technical specifications of this computer. Thus it appeared the first commercial personal computer, Lisa, Apple, which run a more popular Macintosh.

When Bill Gates, who worked at Apple, drew Windows 2.0 in 1987, Apple sued for stealing way they look and behave Macintosh. Apple lost the case, then Microsoft became the market leader in terms of personal computers. Microsoft

  1. Microsoft does not emphasize security

Windows security gaps make this system one vulnerable to hacker attacks and viruses from the Internet. You will not see ads for a major security Mac or Linux, because no one bothers to create a virus for these systems. Given that more than 90% of personal computers worldwide have installed Windows system, they are more vulnerable, precisely by their large number. Microsoft

Although Microsoft has received much criticism about security, you can not say it does not exist. Many security specialists such as Michael Howard and Crispin Cowan from Linux, worked on improving how the system can protect against threats. Windows Vista, for example, was created with a plus about security.

  1. Microsoft is a monopoly in the personal computer market

The US government has named Microsoft as a natural monopoly, simply because managed by legal means, and to surpass all competitors. But the real definition of natural monopoly is a little different from the conventional. A natural monopoly is a company that is allowed monopolization of the market simply because it represents the best alternative for the state and the consumer interest.   about Microsoft

Given that Microsoft holds 90% market share of operating systems, no other company does and allows you to spend as much as Microsoft and marketing research.

  1. Microsoft is not innovation

Microsoft has a reputation for being bought all the innovative ideas that lie at the root of Windows. This is not a lie. For example, Microsoft did not write the code for MS-DOS, but a system called QDOS bought, improved and then sold to IBM’s license for huge profits. Also, no Internet Explorer is not created 100% Microsoft. Code was bought from the company Spyglass. Microsoft

Those who still defend Microsoft recognizes the fact that this company is not inclined towards innovation but argues that it has the best business ideas in the field. Therefore it is recognized that Microsoft focuses on intellectual property. Microsoft

  1. Bill Gates is wicked

Adjectives such as stubborn, arrogant and ruthless, were used to characterize Bill Gates. But these things do not identify him as clothes.  about Microsoft

When Gates announced that the first plan of withdrawing from Microsoft, opened a window to comment. Microsoft’s mission was for each person on Earth to have a personal computer. Since 1981 until now, Microsoft has provided over 1.7 billion computers worldwide. about Microsoft

Gates can be blamed for many ruthless tactics against competitors, but is now a philanthropist, in fact the greatest of all time. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has invested over 10 billion dollars to eradicate poverty and disease in developing countries and eventually will invest all his fortune Gates. Microsoft

Mexican State

Secretary of Civil protection in Guerrero, Raul Miliani known, recommended to domestic tourism and overseas, and to those who hire recreational boats, the use of lifejackets, after registering six deaths in that Mexican State.



“We insist on the recommendations, whatever the boat in Lake, river or sea, wearing life jackets, because there have been six deaths of domestic tourists by failure to follow the recommendation” he said. Reported that in the summer holiday season were 66 tourist assistance, including aquatic rescues, search for children, orientation and preventive actions, in addition to the center of attention and protection the Acapulco tourist (captures) is permanently operating with the municipality and the State. Also unveiled that the Green angels have made a total of 2 500 shares of assistance on the roads of the entity, such as vehicles, trailers, and other assistance to tourists in the holiday season of summer. He pointed out that in the same period have died six tourists from asphyxia by submersion in beaches and lagoons of Guerrero bodies. The State official said that of the six victims, two died in a place known as “House of stone” in the area of beach Ventura, municipality of Copala, the Costa Chica region, while another died in the Bay of Acapulco. Another three people, including a child, were killed in the lagoon of Tuxpan, municipality of Tepecoacuilco in the northern part of the State. He said that despite the recommendations of prevention that the unit in charge made repeatedly to national and foreign tourists staying at beaches and amusement centers, are still logged cases where visitors lose their lives. He said that people drowned in the lagoon of Tuxpan, had gone sailing in a small boat, and problems arose, were afraid, moved the boat and fell into the water. Later two bodies disappeared and were located after 48 hours. (With information from Notimex)

The BBC is not going through their best time and BBC News could become a chain 100% online. Chain, after a period of cuts fairly strict, could take the step of eliminating television channel BBC News and leave it only as an exclusive channel of Internet.

In this way, the BBC would save costs posed by keeping the channel on television and would maintain an audience that profits through its online broadcast.

As we can read in direct Marketing, the BBC would be considering this option once the new President of the company, Rona Fairhead, had taken as first big decision delete the BBC channel 3 television and pass it to a broadcast exclusively online.

New 3-D Printer

New 3-D Printer
The new 3-D printers print objects in multiple colors and biodegradable materials.
A new generation of 3-D printers for personal use allows users achieve larger objects in two colors and materials other than plastic.
A firm that produces such devices, MakerBot has announced the launch of a new model, called the Replicator, which can be printed using three-dimensional objects with a volume of up to 5,000 cc.
The device has an LCD screen that users can follow the development of the printing process. Models can be designed even for users using software like Google SketchUp, or can be loaded free thousands of designs ready designed.
The basic system costs 1.749 USD and 250 USD plus can be installed dual print head, which allows for objects in two colors.
The objects can be achieved not only made of plastics and PLA (poly-lactic acid) biodegradable material obtained from corn.
Users have realized, with Replicator device, useful objects in our daily lives, such as bath plugs or rings plastic shower curtain, furniture and toys like dolls.
3D printers will be used by dentists to “print” teeth!
Researchers have discovered a faster and has pinpoint accuracy in producing new teeth dental clinic patients. But the teeth are the first step towards rapid prototyping for all parts of the human body.
Using existing technologies for printing three-dimensional format using biocompounds materials and medical imaging could help to reproduce exact replicas of patients’ missing teeth. Once you are able to print teeth is not too far folks printing body parts.
Dentists already use machines to make false teeth. But the current technique involves connecting an MRI at a milling machine and cutting new teeth from a block polymer. This process is a lengthy one and one not exactly. Teeth have a complicated form, shaping one by grinding, to mimic each unique shape of the tooth, is difficult.
But Iranian researchers have realized that if they create teeth layer by layer, a process used by 3D printers will allow the formation of a more precise dentures. Also, the time needed to create the prosthesis will be very short.
After the printing process of the teeth using 3D printing technology will be mastered, might move to create new body parts. Dentures made of bones that accurately imitate the lost would be really wonderful. Since you will be able to reconstruct parts of the whole human body by using this new technology, medical science will have wider horizons.

Nikola Tesla 10

Nikola Tesla 10
“The involvement of women in new areas, gradual usurpation of leadership by men they will dissipate feminine sensitivity, reduce maternal instinct, so that motherhood and marriage will seem unpleasant and human civilization will approach more and more perfect civilization hive bee. Follow a new order of sex – leadership by women.
You communicate instantly with a simple pocket equipment. Planes will fly unmanned ground guided by radio. A huge amount of energy will be transmitted without wires. Earthquakes will become increasingly common. Temperate areas will become very cold or hot. And most of them are very close to occur. ”

When you know that it was discovered wireless power transmission, we know that it is actually the old realization of Tesla. And the rest, we live in a century when he described the great inventor …
Tesla gave us the answer to the fundamental question that we ask all descendants of apes do not consider ourselves “What is life?”.
“Modern science says: The sun is the past, present earth and moon future. From a flaming table we were born, and in a frozen meal to turn. The law of nature is cruel, and we are irresistibly drawn to our destiny. Lord Kelvin gives a reduced chance of life: about 6 million years, after which sunlight will turn off, and our earth will become a desert of ice, falling into eternal night.
However, it remains a bright spark of life, with a chance to rekindle life on distant star. This possibility is indeed “.
Here’s the answer: the spatial origin of man gives answers to many of the great mysteries of mankind. Maybe that’s why she does not want to be known.
AGAIN ABOUT TESLA Romanian genius
Science. The great scientist Nikola Tesla was novel. It was Istro-Roman origin and his name was Nicholas Tesla. The great scientist and inventor Nicholas Tesla (Nikola Tesla) was born on the night of 9 to July 10, 1856, the son of an Orthodox priest Milutin Tesla and GICA term. Father’s family was the border …
The great scientist Nikola Tesla was novel
It was Istro-Roman origin and his name was Nicholas Tesla
The great scientist and inventor Nicholas Tesla (Nikola Tesla) was born on the night of 9 to July 10, 1856, the son of an Orthodox priest Milutin Tesla and GICA term. Ottoman Frontier father’s family was in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Two schools of thought

Two schools of thought

Manufacturers Far Cry 4 Me and This War of different approaches to the problem of piracy

Far Cry 4 (€ 59.99) was launched yesterday in Europe on PC, and Old Gen Next Gen and one of the missing features in version 1.0 of the game was the ability to change Field Of View. This option was introduced in a Day 1 patch. However, some gamers have complained about the lack FOV official channels, including Twitter. In response, Alex Hutchinson, Creative Director of the title posted on the same network following statement: 2734693-far+cry+4

PC players! If you’re complaining about the lack of online FOV control … You pirated the game.

The statement is expressed in the context of the idea that illegal version of Far Cry 4 is the free post-launch improvements.

It should be noted that Day 1 patch means that the game was delivered on disc (retail) without it being plausible that in certain circumstances and customers in good faith to be affected by this lack. Likewise, some customers who have purchased digital title if strict conditions are met coincidentally, may be deprived of the FOV slider.

This War of Mine (€ 18.99) is a survival game created 11 Bit Studios (Series Anomaly), a company that is located in Warsaw, Poland. It was created in 2010 by former components of CD Projekt. Director of PR, Karol Zajaczkowski, posted a number of the most active Steam keys instead of obtaining an illegal copies of the game:

If for some reason you can not buy our game is ok. We know what life is, we know that some things are not possible.

Here’s some Steam keys for a legal version of the game that enables them to see who the game. And if you like the title after you play, please tell others about our game. In this way you will help us.

Media Galaxy calling you to test the first Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Media Galaxy, released Monday, November 17, in the Media Galaxy Mall, from 23:00, expect the best game of 2015, Grand Theft Auto V.Far Cry 4

Grand Theft Auto V is a video game type open world action-adventure developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, whose launch took place on 17 September 2013. The action takes place in the fictional city of Los Santos (Los Angeles parody) and the surrounding areas south of San Andreas specific (parody of California).

Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4 and Xbox platforms new One will include “a major update to the visual and technical” viewing distance was increased, were introduced new weapons, vehicles and activities such as shooting wild world, more traffic, nature more “showy” weather effects “damage” more pronounced, and 100 new songs will be included on the radio. And comes with a multiplayer mode change, will support up to 30 players on the PS4 and Xbox One, and all DLC launched sites for PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will be integrated in the new edition. The ASEM profiles from old versions can be imported into new versions, and players will be rewarded with bonus content. But the icing on the cake is how the first person (for playable characters, vehicles that will be able to see inside their speed items such as watches, tachometer, dashboard lights and more) that will be introduced only for PlayStation 4, One Xbox and PC.



Adam robot


Adam is the first robot with ideas

A UK laboratory robot, called Adam, who can think and you can test theories in the absence of involvement of the human factor, became the first machine capable of making scientific discoveries.

Operating in a laboratory at the University of Wales Aberystwyth, United Kingdom, the robot has identified genetic processes of yeast, previously unknown to scientists .. Not only Adam has identified a hypothesis about how certain genes should work, but and conducted a series of experiments to demonstrate “point of view”. The event marks a first because it is the first time when such a system has made a discovery completely new to science. Performance makes researchers hope already in the composition of scientific teams made up of humans and robots to work in laboratories.

Adam, which occupies an area of 15 square meters in the laboratory of Professor Ross King, is equipped with a robotic arm and a range of devices necessary experiments, among which a centrifuge, an incubator and a freezer automatically. Body type fungus analyzed by Adam, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, has 6,000 genes, of which only 10% – 15% had known functions of researchers. Adam made logical assumptions based on information known about the metabolism of yeast and how proteins and genes function in other species. Then she started to show that its predictions are correct. Although discovery is a relatively simple robot, profesroul King believes that in the future, robots, researchers will be able to prove able to solve problems more serious, and once to rival even the great scientists of humanity.

The first robot model

It was conducted by researchers from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science, Tokyo; with the typical appearance of a young Asian robot walk, talk, smile, but it is not “sexy”.

Top-older models are whimsical and wages too high heaven anyway? The Japanese seem to have solved all these problems. The first robot “podium” has all semnalmentele of Asian beauties, according to its creators are endowed with “modern Japanese woman silhouette”. Android conducted at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Tokyo, with government financial support, work, talk, smile, get angry and can even mimic surprise. Called HRP-4C “model” cyber has 158 centimeters tall, weighs 43 kg (13 pounds less than previously realized robot) and will debut on the catwalk during a fashion presentations scheduled to take place in Tokyo on March 23 .Singurul drawback: dummy robot body is not as sexy as that of colleagues in the flesh, because the engine 30 and microchips inside meant facilitate its arms and legs movements.

KUKA robots KR Agilus Waterproof

KUKA robots KR Agilus Waterproof

Compact, precise, agile and fast: KR Agilus series robots are the new masters of speed. When it comes to handling, particularly Pick & Place (raise / grab and position), KR Agilus offers impressive results, in combination with minimize cycle times. At the same time, this family of small robots working with high accuracy, it is possible a high quality of production. Speed and accuracy are the family of robots KR Agilus performances are unique in their class.

The product portfolio includes robots with loads of 6:10 kg and working-ray from 600 to 1100 mm. The family is ordained KR Agilus general industry operations; automating tasks anywhere with small load is required in fields such as electronics, the new KUKA robot, small car is suitable for this type of operation.


Perfect protection through a new waterproof coating

Thanks to the new waterproofing, KR Agilus feels “at home” in intense conditions of production “as outdoors”. Stable stainless steel covers (which replaced the plastic parts and surface treatments resistance) and improved seals inside the six-axis robot allows the robot to be used in a specific medium machine tools, which in the past was too average harmful for precision robot, high stress due to external factors, such as chips, lubricants, cooling water or oil sprays. Small robot KUKA waterproof version complies now a greater degree of protection – IP67.

Full functionality in minimal space


The power supply is integrated into the KR Agilus robot to save space and includes a 100 Mbit Ethernet cable, three 5/2 valve (compressed air), a direct air hose, six digital inputs and two digital outputs.

KR Agilus can achieve both points near the base of the robot and the area above. Not just the ideal combination of size, maneuverability and arm length allows to adapt to indoors, but also that it can perform tasks like robot mounted on the floor, ceiling or wall. Greater flexibility, even in small workspaces, there is no problem for KR Agilus.

Controller compact and high flexibility

Like its larger counterparts Quantec Series, KR Agilus is operated by KR C4’s controller technology – a compact version that packs the ability KR C4 proven performance in a small space. With its open architecture, the KR C4 compact can control not only KUKA robots but also external axes for maximum flexibility, scalability, performance and openness, in minimum space. Robust controller, high quality is designed for low maintenance and optimized energy efficiency.

Human-robot cooperation safely

While KR Agilus may be small, safety is a big requirement. It is the only robot in its class that is able to work with KUKA SafeOperation function, simplifying and improving human-robot cooperation greatly. KUKA software and hardware components SafeOperation speed monitors and workspaces for both robot and external axes for. This eliminates the need of the 3 axes mechanical monitoring systems and open new options, efficient cost for configuring robotic cells and human-robot interaction.

Means of transport Hyperloop

Means of transport Hyperloop

Faster than air: what is hyperloop, mysterious means of transport of the future?

The famous entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk has unveiled plans to build a new transport system extremely fast, which would cover the distance of 600 km between the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco in just 30 minutes – less than a quickly run plane.

Elon Musk is famous for his visionary ideas in technology: President of SpaceX, the first private company which supply the International Space Station, he is also the founder of the electronic payment system PayPal and Tesla Motors Company, which manufactures electric cars.

His most recent project is a revolutionary means of transport, called Hyperloop, which would bind the two western American cities and which we learn only from August 12 this year, as announced by Elon Musk.

At present, the journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco takes about 12 hours by train, by car and about 8:00. half past one plane.

Hyperloop the Musk would imagine but to travel the road in just half an hour.

However, no one knows yet how it would look this new means of transport; Elon Musk has not provided any technical details and experts can only guess on the principle on which will work Hyperloop. It was assumed that involves a vacuum tunnel that would circulate a maglev train type (magnetic levitation) or a pneumatic conveying system, a kind of subsonic train that would travel through a tube that would form a trail circular between the two cities.


And further stimulate the curiosity of everyone on this project, Elon Musk said the system does not allow accidents, is not affected by weather conditions, can reach a speed of 3-4 times higher than that of a modern fast train twice higher than the average speed of an airplane.

He also stated that the system can be powered by solar energy and can even generate more energy than used. The cost of building such a system would be about $ 6 billion.

The entrepreneur also announced that plans Hyperloop project will be published in open source system, making possible suggestions and critical comments from the public, to improve the project.

Elon Musk said that this system will be “the fifth pillar of modern transport” next to road, rail, air and water, but gave no other details, thereby increasing the interest of everyone waited 12 augsut, they will be published technical details about this revolutionary project.

The Best PlayStation 4 Games So Far

The Best PlayStation 4 Games So Far

When it’s compared to its predecessors, the PlayStation 4 obviously hasn’t been out for too terribly long. That hasn’t stopped the system from highlighting some excellent PlayStation games thus far. Even better is the fact that it’s quite clear that the PS4 is only just getting started.


Playstation 4

The Rise Of The PS4
The PlayStation 4 has already established itself on a number of levels. Although the system unfortunately doesn’t feature backwards compatibility with PlayStation 3 games, a huge number of titles are still being released for both systems. Between that, the games being released to the PS4 exclusively, and the incredible range of games that can be played with a PlayStation Plus subscription, you’re definitely not going to be bored.

And don’t forget that the PlayStation 4 is still a relatively young system. Tons and tons of PlayStation games are likely to still be released for the system as time goes on.

Sony has worked hard to establish the PlayStation 4 as a definitive entertainment hub. With the games currently available, the games that are going to become available with time, and everything you can check out on the PlayStation Network, or with a PlayStation Plus Subscription, it would seem that they are succeeding quite nicely.

In terms of current PlayStation 4 hits, there are quite a few PlayStation games to already consider.

Psn codes 2015

Top PlayStation 4 Games
With PlayStation games in this day and age, it’s no longer simply games you can buy at the store or at an online retailer. PlayStation titles now extend to games you can play online. It is also expected that Sony is going to make the ability to play streaming games a permanent part of its PlayStation Plus package in the future.

The PlayStation 4 still has a long way to go, but you can play these fantastic PlayStation titles in the meantime:

• The Last of Us (Remastered): The Last of Us was considered by critics and fans alike to be a pretty spectacular example of what the PlayStation 4 could do. This Remastered edition proved that you could make a great thing even better.

• Flower: To date, this is the highest-rated game available on the PS4 version of the network.
• Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition: Diablo is widely considered to be one of the finest strategy games ever made. The Ultimate Evil Edition of the third game in the series is a pretty significant example of that fact.
• Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor: Taken from the iconic stories and novels by J.R.R. Tolkien, this is perhaps the best game involving that universe and those characters ever created.
• Battlefield 4: The makers of the Battlefield series promised the best release to date with Battlefield 4. Game journalists and players alike seem to agree.
• Towerfall Ascension: Another stellar example of what the PlayStation Plus subscription can get PlayStation 4 players.

So far, there have been some pretty remarkable PlayStation games for the PlayStation 4. It’s clear that this tradition is going to continue, whether it’s online, or in the form of games released through traditional means.

The life of an inventor

The life of an inventor

Life meets an inventor often badjocora and hostility because he threatens the interests of a few. This leads logically to be suppressed inventions, or financial support to be withheld, except in the minds of people like me who make an effort to change things. This is how it was born entrepreneurial group Perendev Power International; to develop solutions and inventions, regardless of their innovative nature and financial implications. We once again to bring people and nature back into harmony. Perendev innovations aim to promote prosperity and to make the world healthier, safer place to live with continued development. When using our innovations we want to have a good feeling. With many of today’s products and technology, this is not possible. We want to change that. You may think that this is not possible, but you will be really surprised, it can be performed. You take advantage, we take advantage, but …….. importantly, environmental profits.

energy aternativa

As groundbreaking and industry impact as it was the eighties and nineties computers and automotive industry before this, alternative energy will revolutionize this new century. Perendev Power Holding and “daughter” her company Perendev Energy Power GmbH, located in Germany, is becoming increasingly recognized internationally for its alternative energy and new technologies. Remove energy dependence to the national and oil. It uninterrupted power does not pollute actually clean environment. Perendev engines can dramatically reduce electricity bills. Once you have paid for it, there will be no electric bills. we be protected against terrorist threats to oil supply and electricity and a lifestyle disrupted.


History Perendev

The origins of our magnetic motor go back to 1969 when inventor, now Director of Administration, Mike Brady built the first version of wood. Motor function, but with a limited power because of magnets available at that time. What this proved was that it is possible to make a magnetic motor that produces electricity as an alternative energy source. Since then technology has advanced at a rapid pace and have strong earth magnets available today, make technology available. Perendev company has seven years since developing alternative energy research. It has attracted more than 3.5 million last birth or magnetic motor and is now ready to capitalize on this investment. Originally formed in South Africa, with subsidiary interests in Germany and Austria, the company has its headquarters in Switzerland. Perendev developed a strong international links with many international companies and form continuous bi-lateral relations across the world where there is a need for alternative energy. Currently the contract negotiations are underway to provide manufacturing and distribution license appropriate organizations worldwide.


Electromagnetic engine 100 kW (kilowatts)

Electromagnetic motor 100 kw has a continuous output power of 90 kW. Synchronous or asynchronous generator has 4 or 8 poli.Temperatura evaluated 30-40 degrees C at normal load. This product is designed for use in the home or small industries. Can be used in other applications such as boats and cars, with a specially designed generator and an electric motor. Unit 100 kw is the younger brother of 300 kW unit has been designed for use in light aircraft and cars. We now due to demand, a unit of energy produced as static.


100 kwSpecificatii:

– Power output: 100 kW to 180.63 amps and 400 volts 3 phase.

– Continuous output power is 90 kW synchronous generator 4 or 8 pole

– Evaluation temperature is 30-40 degrees C at normal load

– Weight 1.250 kg

– Dimensions: 1.2 m long x 1.2 m wide x 1.4 m high

– 1 starter battery

– Replace fuel or diesel units

– There is power panel

– Sustainable Construction

– 5 years warranty conditional

– Price in custody: 24700 euro without taxes and delivery trucks


Electromagnetic motor 300 kw

Electromagnetic engine alternator and control panel. Flow 300 kw / hour, designed to run constantly. 300 kw generator has the capacity to produce 290 kw per hour consistently. The unit comes complete with control panel, alternator and box.


300 kwSpecificatii:

– Alternator: used Hitachi, Bosch and AEG, depending on the type, voltage and amperage variation

– Production: European Standar 400 volt 3-phase, 541 amps, depending on the type of alternator.

– 3 plugs for 240 volts

– One 400 volt outlet

– Connected directly to mains

– EMM Motor: 300 kW continuous power through a gearbox ratio of 2×1.

– Weight: 1,350kg +, depending on the configuration.

– Dimensions: 1.6 m long x 1.2 m wide x 1.4 m high.

– Power continues 50Hz or 60Hz European standard American standard.

– Without power failure

– Without Fuel

– 5 years warranty conditional

– Custody Price: 45000 euro without shipping fee


Note: Motors are never sold permanently, a 5-year lease equipment in use give the person who pays a nominal fee to maintain the lease. This monthly fee is somewhere around the 100-600 euros, depending on the size and charge units will include a contact person and Maintenance.

How to Obtain Clash of Clans Resources

How to Obtain Clash of Clans Resources


Clash of clans is a highly tactical game whose success depends on the strategies you decide to use to achieve victory. When playing this game, there are a lot of enemies out to destroy you and, therefore, you need to have enough resources in order to put up a strong defense. For anyone planning to play clash of clans, it is absolutely necessary to obtain resources in order to enhance game experience.

Clash of clasn hack

The main sources of clash of clans are Elixir and precious metals. This is a strategy battle game that requires thorough planning and effective use of resources to successfully defend yourself against attacks from the enemy. Fortunately, new technologies have made it easier for players to acquire resources for the game.

Clash of Clans Hack

The internet has revolutionized how player obtains clash of clans resources. These days, there are different types of clash of clans hack tools that are available on the internet. The number of people playing this game has increased because it is simpler and convenient to find access to resources. An ideal tool should allow you to have a substantial or an unlimited number of elixirs which can then be used to add more resources and prepare you for battle.


There are different types of clash of clans hack tools available on the internet. Whether you’re a newbie or professional player, these online tools have been designed to accord players’ maximum tactical support. In the recent times, a lot of clash of clans cheat tools have been optimized for use on android and iPhone platforms. This means that if you own an android device or an iPhone, you can comfortably acquire resources from various online platforms. While some websites charge a fee to access resources, a lot of players opt to choose free clash of clans hack cheat tools that generate free unlimited elixir coins and gems.

When looking for clash of clans resources, it is important to carefully select the programs you decide to use. While some platforms allow use of the program online, others permit you to download the application to a laptop or a mobile device. The process of installing an application is simple and straightforward so long as you follow instructions.

At the start of clash of clans, your task begins with a small town which you need to expand and defend. To begin with, you need to gather elixirs and some gold coins by building gold mines and elixir collection. At the beginning, there is an opportunity for you to begin collecting coins. With the help of elixir, you can gather small troops and march into the goblin country and engage in your first battle which is not difficult to win. Thereafter, you are richly rewarded with more resources, and you can move onto the next level.

Magnetic motor PERENDEV

Magnetic motor PERENDEV

Perendev magnetic motor is perhaps the best known model of magnetic motor. It is conducted by Michael J Brandy, who says it is working. On-site company that created it together as some associates, namely PERENDEV are claims that have already made ​​several versions of magnetic motor and it is available for rent to those interested. They said they chose this method because of the situation and the risks that may come from companies that have a monopoly in the energy (oil, electricity, etc.) and to protect patents. We strive to be as objective and to present things as accurately as possible. Thus we present largely what is shown on the website connected to the motor Perendev both magnetic and other fields in which their company was involved. There will be neither pro nor against what they claimed, but at the end of the article we will make a few small comments. But let’s see what they say and claim those from Perendev.

Magnetic motor


PERENDEV “represents change how the world uses energy. We are dedicated to saving the planet. Perendev is Aternativa No.1 company in the world today is not something that happened overnight, it took years and a total dedication to achieve this goal, through hard work and vision to change the way the world uses energy. we would like to point out that in 1998, it was very little publicity regarding magnetic motors, Perendev made ​​public on the Internet that have developed a magnetic motor since then many people have developed and tried to develop magnetic motors. we wish them all who do this continue to show the world that there is a better way to use energy. “Michael J Brandy

“History is full of people who out of fear, ignorance, or lust for power have destroyed knowledge of immeasurable value which truly belongs to us all.

We must not let this happen again. “Carl Sagan

An important and great value is that it mentions that the first magnetic motor was built in 1269 by Peter Peregrinus.

Mission Statement

Everyone in this world beautiful and diverse that in parts, we have the same common interest. We all want to be wealthy and healthy and have a good family life. For this to happen, our planet must also be healthy. We all admit that Mother Nature is the basis of all life but through our current way of life, slowly destroying the earth. And what is worse, the pace of destruction is increasing. For thousands of years our ancestors lived largely in harmony with nature, until around the 17th century. Our problems today started with the steam engine revolution that led us into the industrial age, industrial exploitation that followed. Mass production and the growing need for energy raw materials such as coal and crude oil in two short centuries, almost exhausted what Mother Nature has to offer billions of years.

How long can you resist these natural assets? 50 or 200 years? As they become more rare, unfortunately, log the fact that we’re sinking into poverty and war. And what to say about the effect of poisonous exhaust? They devastateaza our ecological system and endanger our health. Planet that sustains us suffer even worse. I think everyone will agree with me. Is it not time to look for solutions to protect our future and above all our children’s future before it’s too late?

Increasing the capacity of reflection of clouds saving solution?

Increasing the capacity of reflection of clouds saving solution?

An idea first proposed in 1999 by an American scientist, Jonathan Latham, is targeted clouds floating above the ocean. Starting from the fact that they reflect much of the space radiation from the sun, he proposes the use of boats to launch into fine jets of water clouds high. The clouds contain more particles, managing to reflect more sunlight back into space and thus offsetting the effect of global warming caused by carbon dioxide emissions.

A Scottish engineer Stephen Salter, devised a plan based on the idea of Latham. According to him, it takes up to 1,500 vessels to patrol the world’s oceans. They would pull up after their engines capable of seawater particles at an altitude high enough to allow the wind to carry them to the cloud. Salter estimates that the construction of 300 ships, the minimum number of boats that would provide a noticeable effect on global climate requires a sum of 600 million dollars this year adding another 100 million dollars for operating costs .

Researchers estimate that using this method would lead to a significant reduction in global temperature, but there is a risk of producing unexpected changes of ocean currents and weather systems.


Another option considered by scientists is to mimic the effect of volcanic eruptions. Researchers found that the Pinatubo eruption in 1991 led to a reduction in global temperature by 0.5 degrees Celsius. This was due to the volcanic eruption threw sulfur into the stratosphere, the upper atmosphere.

First proposed the use of sulfur as a method of cooling the planet was Russian physicist Mikhail Budyko in the 70s, but this version really began to be taken seriously in 2006, when it was proposed by Paul Crutzen, Nobel Prize Nobel Prize for Chemistry. A big advantage of this proposal is relatively low cost, requiring only a few aircraft able to fly at high altitudes, where would spray sulfur aerosols.

Reflection of clouds

And this risk variant, say opponents of the project, stating that injecting sulfur into the atmosphere could lead to ozone depletion and acid rain, which would decimate flora and fauna. The experts warn that such a project could produce positive effects on a large part of the Earth’s surface, but at the cost of worsening climate in Africa (where temperatures may be high and dry climates) and in India, where rainfall would fall heavily.

Is geoengineering a realistic solution to climate problems?

Making global geoinginereşti experiments seems to remain for the next few years only a theoretical possibility, recognize researchers involved in this field. They insist, however, that this backup plan to be taken seriously, especially if carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced in time, and climate change will have devastating effects, such as melting glaciers in Greenland.

David Keith, a professor at the University of Calgary and an expert on geoengineering over 20 years, states that “gradually, humanity develops technological tools that allow us to control the growing environment and climate. Climate control we can get to level global – can not in 20 years, but in a century, certainly.’s why it is essential to start now to consider what it means to hold this power that moral and political implications does this.’s important to build institutions that will allow us to effectively use this technology. Examples such as email and mobile phones shows that technology evolves at a speed greater than that which is changing our social systems. therefore need to anticipate how we apply this technology “.

Many might consider dangerous basic idea of ​​geoengineering – the man try to change the planet – but this is nothing new. This is already happening, and in recent years more and more scientists call the period when Earth was dominated by man as Antropocen to reflect the fact that no other species has changed the face of this planet so much.

The vast majority of the planet’s ecosystems bear the traces of human presence and geoengineering involves only directing this huge human influences in a way that allows the perpetuation of our species by maintaining planetary climatic parameters at an equilibrium level.

Even the biggest supporters of geoengineering, and David Keith, do not say that this would be the solution to global warming. “Reducing carbon emissions is priority number one, no doubt. Thinking about geoengineering as the only solution is absurd,” he said.

Sinister history of electric chair

Sinister history of electric chair Used only in America (and, for a time, in the Philippines), the electric chair was long considered a symbol of the American vision of justice. Occurred in the late nineteenth century as a new method “humane” execution in the last decades of the twentieth century has lost ground to advance science and human rights debates.

Electric chair history begins in the penultimate decade of the nineteenth century, when a new debate occurs in American society. Hangman method used hitherto, began to be considered too harsh because in many cases, due to inexperienced executioners, accusations dying slowly and painfully. Thus, in 1887, in the American state New York, arises a committee to find a new method, in human running. The idea of ​​using electricity had already appeared in 1881 after a doctor dentist named Albert Southwick, had witnessed the death of a man who accidentally electrocuted. Stunned by the speed and apparent lack of pain to this death, the doctor described the scene a friend sentaorul McMillan, who spoke with the governor of the idea of replacing the gallows with the modern technology of electricity.

 Sinister history of electric chair 

Although the invention of the electric chair is often attributed to Thomas A. Edison, behind this invention are actually two of its employees. The first chair was produced by two engineers, Harold P. Brown and Arthur Kennely. To show lethality new invention, they have organized public demonstrations during which they killed more animals, dogs and cats, by drawing them on a metal plate connected to a 1,000 volt generator. The word “shock” occurred in these demonstrations to designate electrical executions without designate – as today – and deaths arising from accidental contact with dangerous electric current.

Committee of New York adopted the electric chair in 1889, and the following year William Kemmler became the first person executed in the electric chair. Being first run, things did not go as fast as everyone expected. Kemmler remained unconscious after the first pass current through his body, but not dead. Once the generator was allowed a few minutes to recharge the accused was electrocuted with 2,000 volts of power, which led to the breaking of blood vessels under the skin, and his body burned. The whole performance lasted eight minutes, and all the witnesses were shocked by the brutality of the new method. However, the chair has not been discredited. The method was formally adopted Ohio (1897), Massachusetts (1900), New Jersey (1906) and Virginia (1908), soon became the most common method of execution in the United States legally. The vast majority of countries that have adopted the electric chair is east of the Mississippi River in western America the most popular gas chamber.


Between 1890 and 1973 over 4,000 people were executed in the electric chair. The most famous designs of this period were those of Bruno Hauptmann (1936), the alleged killer of the child aviator Lindberg, and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg’s (1953) having been convicted Soviet spies

After a four-year moratorium on the death penalty was reintroduced in America in 1977, and the chair began to be replaced by gas chamber and lethal injection. Since then, only 154 people have been executed in this way (among them, the famous serial killer Ted Bundy). Since the 80s, lethal injection has come to be considered an easier and more human. Today, the chair remained an optional method of execution in the states of Alabama, Florida, South Carolina and Virginia. In Kentucky and Tennessee is used for sentences imposed before 1988, and in Arkansas and Oklahoma the electric chair may be used if other forms of execution are found unconstitutional at the time.


In February 2008, the Nebraska Supreme Court ruled that execution by electric chair, a punishment “cruel and unusual” should no longer be used. Nebraska remained the only state using only this method of execution. In these states, 12 convicted preferred chair in front of lethal injection, the last use of the chair was held on March 18, 2010, in Virginia

Revolutionary breakthrough in the medical field – test for Alzheimer’s

Revolutionary breakthrough in the medical field – test for Alzheimer’s A new test developed by scientists could allow doctors to detect Alzheimer’s disease a decade before the first symptoms appear.

The researchers found a lower level of DNA in cerebrospinal fluid of subjects predisposed to develop Alzheimer’s disease, reports The Telegraph.


This discovery may allow a diagnosis which will allow patients to undergo treatment long before the symptoms of debility.


They say the discovery of the disease in the early stage enables the use of drugs to prevent the accumulation of toxic materials in the brain cells, causing cell Alzheimer’s disease.


There are 800,000 people with dementia in the UK, of which around 60,000 die each year.

 Revolutionary breakthrough in the medical field – test for Alzheimer’s

Currently, the only way to accurately diagnose Alzheimer’s disease post-mortem, so when doctors based on a series of mental tests and looking for symptoms.

Professor Ramon Trullas, team leader at the Institute of Biomedical Research of Barcelona, said:


“If our initial findings are confirmed by other laboratories, the results will change the way we currently think about the reasons that cause Alzheimer’s disease. This discovery may allow us to find more effective treatments to be administered in preclinical stage.”


From research conducted and published in the Annals of Neurology, found a decrease in the amount of mitochondrial DNA in cerebral spinal fluid in patients with Alzheimer’s.


Mitochondrial DNA is usually found in the form of small structures that act as true power of cells and are inherited only through the maternal line.


Professor Trullas and colleagues believe that low levels of mitochondrial DNA may reflect the reduced capacity of these power plants to provide energy to brain cells.


He said that reducing mitochondrial DNA may be one of the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease pathology and suggest that begins much earlier than previously thought.


The team says that it can detect low levels of mitochondrial DNA a decade before symptoms of dementia.


Other biochemical signs of Alzheimer’s disease, such as for example proteins causing chaos in brain cells appear much later.


It is estimated that worldwide there are about 18 million patients with this disease, and over the next 15 years, the number of patients will double because of aging of the population. In 2050, over 52 million people will be affected by Alzheimer’s.


In Romania, the Romanian Alzheimer Society held data, it appears that over 150,000 people suffer from this disease, and a large proportion of patients not yet diagnosed, the percentage is 80%.

Nobel Prize in Medicine 1901-2008

Nobel Prize in Medicine 1901-2008

1901 – Emil Adolf von Behring – specific serum treatment of diphtheria and its contribution to development “hormonal theory of immunity

1902 – Ronald Ross – work in highlighting the role of malaria transmitting mosquitoes source

1903 – Niels Ryberg Finsen – Treatment with light rays concentrated and cooled, especially in lupus

1904 – Ivan Pavlov – The works of the physiology of digestion

1905 – Robert Koch – The discovery of the tuberculosis pathogen

1906 – Camillo Golgi, Santiago Ramon y Cajal – Research on the structure of the nervous system

1907 – Charles Louis Alphonse Laveran – Discovering the role of protozoa to produce disease

1908 – Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov – Discovery phagocytosis and development “phagocytic theory of immunity”

– Paul Ehrlich – works in the field of immunology and chemotherapy of syphilis

1909 – Emil Theodor Kocher – works in the field of physiology, pathology and surgery of the thyroid gland

1910 – Albrecht Kossel – works on protein and nucleoprotein constituents of cell

1911 – Allvar Gullstrand – Works eye dioptric

1912 – Alexis Carrel – Works on vascular structure and blood vessels and organ transplantation.

1913 – Charles Robert Richet – The discovery of anaphylaxis, a particular case of immune phenomena.

1914 – Robert Barany – Works of physiology and pathology of the vestibular apparatus

1919 – Jules Bordet – Findings related to immunity

1920 – August Krogh – discovery mechanism regulating capillary circulation and gas exchange in the lung.

1922 – Archibald Vivian Hill – Explain the process of muscle energy production

Otto Fritz Meyerhof – Works on oxygen consumption and metabolism of lactic acid in muscles.

1923 – Frederick Banting and John James Richard Macleod – The contribution to the discovery and introduction of insulin therapy

-William 1924 Einthoven – discovery mechanism electrocardiogram

1926 – Johannes Fibiger – Discovery spiropter carcinoma.

1927 – Julius Wagner-Jauregg – Use malarioterapiei in general paralysis

1928 – Charles Nicolle – epidemiology research on typhus.

1929 – Christiaan Eijkman – The discovery of vitamin antinevritice.

Frederick Gowland Hopkins – The discovery of vitamins stimulating growth.

1930 – Karl Landsteiner – The discovery of blood groups.

1931 -Otto Heinrich Warburg – Discovery respiratory ferment

1932 – Charles Scott Sherrington and Edgar Douglas Adrian – Discoveries on neuronal function.

1933 – Thomas Hunt Morgan – The discovery of the role of chromosomes in heredity.

1934 – George Hoyt Whipple, George Richards Minot, William Parry Murphy – Discoveries concerning liver therapy in cases of anemia.

1935 – Hans Spemann – Discovering effect “organizer” in embryo development.

1936 – Henry Hallett Dale, Otto Loewi – Finds the chemical transmission of nerve

1937 – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi – Highlighting mechanism of biological processes of oxidation and decomposition of vitamin C

1938 – Corneille Heymans – Discovering the role of the sino-aortic mechanisms in the regulation of breathing.

1939 – Gerhard Domagk – Study sulphonamides.

1943 – Henrik Dam, Edward Adelbert Doisy – discovery of vitamin K

1944 – Joseph Erlanger and Herbert Spencer Gasser – Discoveries on highly differentiated functions of nerve fibers Elementary

1945 – Alexander Fleming, Ernst Boris Chain, Howard Walter Florey – The discovery of penicillin and its therapeutic action in various infectious diseases.

1946 – Hermann Joseph Muller – Creating radiogeneticii and study of mutations produced by X-rays

1947 – Carl Fedinand Cori, Gerty Cori – The discovery of the mechanism of glycogen biosynthesis.

Bernardo Houssay – The discovery of the role of hormone anterior pituitary lobe in the metabolism of sugar.

1948 – Paul Hermann Muller – The discovery of DDT as an insecticide product efficacy Contact

1949 – Walter Rudolf Hess – The discovery of the role of the hypothalamus in coordination of internal organs

Egas Moniz – The discovery of the therapeutic value of lobotomies in certain psychoses.

1950 – Edward Calvin Kendall, Tadeusz Reichstein, Philip Showalter Hench – Findings on adrenal cortical hormones, their structure and biological action.

1951 – Max Theiler – The discovery of yellow fever virus and its combat

1952 – Selman Waksman – The discovery of streptomycin, an antibiotic effective against tuberculosis.

1953 – Fritz Albert Lipmann – The discovery of coenzyme A and its importance in intermediary metabolism

Hans Adolf Krebs – Discovery tricarboxylic cycle that occurs in redox processes at the cellular level

1954 – John Franklin Enders, Thomas Huckle Weller, Frederick Chapman Robbins – Discovery possibility to cultivate poliomyelitis viruses in tissue types.

1955 – Hugo Theorell – Discovery mode of action of oxidizing enzymes.

1956 – Andre Frederic Cournand, Werner Forssmann and Dickinson W. Richards – Discoveries on the cardiac catheterization and pathological changes in the circulatory system.

1957 – Daniel Bovet – synthesis of compounds of different antihistamines and muscle relaxants.

1958 – George Wells Beadle, Edward Lawrie Tatum, Joshua Lederberg – works in the field of molecular genetics

Joshua Lederberg – Findings related to the recombination of the genetic material of bacteria.

1959 – Severo Ochoa, Arthur Kornberg – discovery mechanism biosynthesis of nucleic acids (RNA and DNA) and their role in heredity.

1960 – Frank Macfarlane Burnet, Peter Medawar – The discovery of immunological tolerance and its explanation

1961 – Georg von Békésy – Discovering the physical mechanism of stimulation of cochlear bands

1962 – Francis Crick, James D. Watson, Maurice Wilkins – Discovering DNA

1963 – John Carew Eccles, Andrew Huxley, Alan Lloyd Hodgkin – Discovery of ionic mechanisms involved in inhibition Portun ecitarea and peripheral and central nerve cell membrane

1964 – Konrad Bloch, Feodor Lynen – Discovery mecanismnului biochemical synthesis of cholesterol and fatty acids

1965 – Andre Lwoff, Jacques Monod, Francois Jacob – their works on the genetic regulation of protein synthesis in the living cell

1966 – Peyton Rous – The discovery of carcinogenic viruses.

Charles Brenton Huggins – Discoveries concerning hormonal treatment of prostate cancer.

1967 – Ragnar Granit, Haldan Keffer Hartline, George Wald – Discoveries on physiological and chemical visual processes fundamental

1968 – Marshall Warren Nirenberg, Har Gobind Khorana – contribution to the discovery of the genetic code.

Robert W. Holley – Success “reading” for the first time the complete sequence of nucleotizilor a soluble RNA molecules.

1969 – Max Delbruck, Alfred Hershey and Salvador Luria – Discoveries on neurotransmitter substances and mechanism of storage, release, and their inactivation

1970 – Bernard Katz, Ulf von Euler, Julius Axelrod – Discovery of ionic mechanisms involved in inhibition Portun ecitarea and peripheral and central nerve cell membrane

1971 – Earl Wilbur Sutherland Jr. – Discoveries in the mechanisms of action of hormones

1972 -Gerald Edelman, Rodney Robert Porter – The discovery of the structure of antibody (immunoglobulin molecule)

1973 – Karl von Frisch, Konrad Lorenz, Nikolaas Tinbergen – Studies on animal behavior, which open perspectives of psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine and applied ecology.

1974 – Albert Claude, Christian de Duve, George Emil Palade – The findings of cellular infrastructure, especially ribosomes, instead of deciphering the message hereditary and protein biosynthesis.

1975 – David Baltimore, Howard Martin Temin, Renato Dulbecco – study the interaction between nucleic acids of viruses and cancer cell genome

1976 – Baruch Samuel Blumberg, Daniel Carleton Gajdusek – The discovery of new mechanisms of origin and dissemination of infectious diseases

2007 – Mario Capecchi, Sir Martin Evans, Oliver Smithies – for research on genetic modifications performed on mice body through stem cells.

2008 – Harald zur Hausen, Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, Luc Montagnier – For the discovery that human papilloma virus causes cervical cancer, for their discovery of human immunodeficiency virus